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Ailsa Dark - Launching on Halloween!

The adventures of Ailsa Dark and her partner, Umair Nawaz start here! A sizzling hot lead character, Werewolves, Ghouls, Vampires, Bampots and Ed Wood... Ailsa Dark is the horror adventure comic that has it all!

What the reviews are saying: The art is a glorious blend of real-life cityscapes and B Movie gore that just happens to be caught in the middle of cracking thriller… this is already an early contender for the 2019 highlight’s list. — Comics Anonymous.

And as for the artwork, its luscious luminescence belies the darkness and violence of the story. The images are thick with colour and bright with saturation and contrast. It’s especially striking during action beats, where blood and gore flare in crimson sprays. — STARBURST Magazine.

This is a really fun read. A Glaswegian version of Elvira (but, let’s face it a whole lot cooler)... She is also coincidentally the main weapon in a network combating the visitors from The Otherworld... It’s a book that you’ll enjoy reading and it will give you that little nipple tweak of nostalgia for old school horror comics like The House of Hammer magazine or even Vampirella. — Tony Ez Esmond (Prof Riptide)

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